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The students should see the proposal as a tool that allows them to define, at least with regular precision, the research work performed. Just as the hunter aims his rifle before firing, the students must make the proposal before preparing their dissertation. In addition, by having the proposal, the students acquire the permission to get crowned with successful academic efforts. It is a contract between the student and the university where it is defined as the future level of the research, thus, is also a mechanism to evaluate the work done.

After drawing up the proposal, the student usually has good road trip because it may take the sections defining the context, theoretical framework and the rationale and research background to make the first chapters of it. The most useful aspect of the proposal is that the students achieve focus with their efforts on a specific problem well defined and mainly solvable.

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Role & Help of the Supervisor

The first step to realize in a dissertation proposal is to be acquainted with your supervisor. In the discussions with the adviser, the student will find how difficult it is generate appealing and objectively measure time and efforts required to finish the proposal paper for dissertation.

The advantage of talking with the faculty advisor is the possibility that it is the one who can give the best and practical ideas. If students choose a topic proposed by the teacher, it is highly likely that the student will have adviser’s continued support because the students will be doing the research that interests the supervisor as well. On contrary, the ideas that interests only to the student are often not a priority for the professor who at times gives priority to other activities instead of attending first the student.


It is very important that the proposal is properly worded and free of spelling mistakes. You cannot expect the readers to understand a document if it is misspelled. Furthermore, a badly written document antagonizes the readers against its contents. As the student needs help and advice by teacher, everyone should keep wording in the best possibly understandable manner. A well written document gets processed quickly, but the student should know that teachers will read a poorly written paper even quickly without giving much care. The objectives and goals must be described schematically as they are expected to be pursued in the project.

Some recommendations relevant to the smooth running of paper are as follows;

Defining the dissertation proposal seems tedious at first, but ultimately allows the students to focus on the theme developed for research. So the students always retrieve more than the efforts they invest in making the proposal paper.

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